Where to buy the best holster bags?

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Where to buy the best holster bags?

Whether you wish to buy holster bags to carry your personal items on the go or to keep an arm hidden yet readily available for self-defense if need be; the quality, make and comfort of the holster bag matters a lot. Especially while traveling, it is of utmost importance that the gadgets you carry are well organized, safe and yet comfortable to carry.

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Look for comfort and quality

If you are looking for all the above mentioned qualities in a holster bag, you need not run hither and thither. Comfort and quality are the features we as a holster bag manufacturer, observes as part of our core values.

Borec1979 solves your problem of carrying your gadgets around. Although there are several manufacturers and sellers online that offer beautiful looking, leather, vegan or jeans made holster bags. However, Borec 1979 offers the finish and quality that justifies the worth of your money. You got to see it to know it!

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Borec 1979 ends your search

Borec 1979 offers genuine leather holster bag with 10 pockets at max. The pockets meant for the smartphones are spacious enough for you to carry iPhone X or Plus in it. The other pockets are suitable for holding a wallet, a pack pf credit cards, sunglasses and other such necessities.

You may also carry keychains, lighter, a small sized gun etc. holster bags by Borec 1979 are good for daily use, travelers, hikers, bikers and sportsmen etc.

Why Borec 1979 might be your best partner!

Borec 1979 holster bags are inspired by a military design which makes it sturdy yet comfortable to wear. The bag comes with straps that are adjustable and can support a 3lb weight on one shoulder.

The best part it is invisible under your regular jacket.

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