Amazing client from Canada

Posted by Vladko Borec on

We received a letter from a Amazing client and we are glad that our bag helps him.

He's writing:

Hello Borec,
I am pleased to send you this photo of me wearing my new Borec1979 Holster. As you can see from my left arm's position, I am a stroke-survivor and find it very convenient to carry my mobile phone in the left side where I can easily reach it with my good ( non-paralyzed), right hand. My only comment re possible design improvement is that the forward-facing upper pocket in which I have a light blue pen is not long enough for a pen to go all the way in. In my case, I must use an elastic band placed around the holster and wrapped around the pen to keep the pen in place. A deeper/longer pocket would allow a pen to fit in more securely. I'd be happy to provide a Google review, if you like? The Borec1979 holster is working very well for me and, I'm pleased with it's sturdy construction. You are welcome to use my photo in your promotional material, if you wish. 

Much appreciated,



Thank You Graham!!!

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