Best holster bag types - 2019

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Best holster bag types - 2019

Holster bags are a prudent way to fulfill your necessity of carrying personal items without showing them off.  Even if you wish to flaunt your holster bags, it needs to compliment your style and attire.

Holster bags are available for both men, women; there are unisex bags, shoulder or hip holster bags, leather, vegan leather, jeans and other types of bags available in the market.

We take a bird’s eye view of the recent styles and types in the market and make it easier for you to choose your best holster bag while you go shopping for the one.

Leather holster bags

Leather holster bags are probably the famous type. These are available in vegan make as well. They come with long straps and sturdy finish that allows you to wear it for years long on travel, adventurous expeditions, and work.  They keep your necessities safe from water and wind and unseen impacts.

Luxury holster bags

Many designers and brands offer luxury holster bags which are merely a more branded and unique style of holster bags. They have custom made pockets for different items and a nice proper finish to serve the purpose.

Vest cum holster bags

Mostly men shoulder holster bags are the vest cum holster bags where long straps are worn across your arms. It gives a gentleman look to the attire. Some styles are unisex too while others are women only adorned with girly designs and elements.

Hip holster bags

Hips holster bags are another type of holster bags to be worn on hips. These may be slightly uncomfortable for some while sitting or driving.


Since holster bags come in various styles, you need to choose the one which best suits your necessity. BOREC1979 offers a range of leather shoulder holster bags with customized pockets, black leather and luxurious feel combining all the interesting features in one product.

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